Alice Cooper


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  • Apertura de puertas: 19:00h
  • Inicio concierto: 21:30h

Biografía del artista

Alice Cooper, a pioneer of theatrically shocking hard rock, merges horror, vaudeville, and garage rock in his performances. Originating from Detroit, he delivers an electrifying show with electric chairs, fake guillotines, and boa constrictors. Cooper's bold stunts continue to captivate fans worldwide, fearlessly challenging norms. His musical journey, both with the original band and as a solo artist, features hits like "Love It to Death," "Killer," and "School's Out." Alice is an established cultural icon and a legendary figure in the global hard rock scene. In the '80s, Cooper explored diverse sounds in albums like "Flush The Fashion," "Constrictor," and "Trash," which includes the hit "Poison." The rocker's influence extended to the big screen, with appearances in horror films like Prince of Darkness and iconic shows such as That ‘70s Show. Furthermore, during the '90s, he further solidified his legacy as a multifaceted artist reshaping the boundaries of rock and entertainment, thanks to albums like "Hey Stoopid," "The Last Temptation," and the powerful live record: "Fistful of Alice."

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