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Biografía del artista

Valeria Castro has a sensitive and fragile voice, conducive to provoking emotion. Her debut album "con cariño y con cuidado" is a self-portrait of the soul presented in the first person; an exercise in self-esteem and self-love, and above all, a confirmation that its creator only knows how to speak about what truly concerns and moves her. Nothing of what Valeria sings and tells would be understood without her previous experiences; without the breath of a land, a family, and a landscape, without the indelible mark of her island: La Palma. She doesn't sing just for herself, on a personal note: she sings for an entire people, a way of conceiving life. She is the voice of sincerity and essence. A living, raw throat. We are facing a work with a guiding thread or a spine. It is the self-portrait of an ultra-sensitive island girl who opens herself up and allows us to peer into the very depths of her soul. The testimony, in the first person singular, of a young woman who makes her truth the unrenounceable germ of her message. Ground zero for a confession of devastating empathy and sincerity.

At only 24 years old, Valeria Castro, the young talent discovered by Alejandro Sanz years ago on Instagram and with whom she later performed "Corazón Partío" live, has ceased to be a promise to become a reality, undoubtedly one of the most promising voices in the Spanish-speaking world. Her debut LP will be presented in more than 10 countries, filling important venues such as ALMA Festival and having sung alongside artists of the caliber of Vetusta Morla, Silvana Estrada, or Vicente García. In September 2023, she received her first nomination for a Latin Grammy in the "Best Songwriter" category for her song "la raíz."

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